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Our yoga teachers have trained all over the globe and experienced many different styles of yoga – both as dedicated students themselves and as skilled instructors. They bring their own personalities and rich international experiences to our classes, while also aligning with Complete Yoga’s philosophy of offering authentic, balanced and highly personalised instruction to achieve optimum wellbeing.

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Amanda Glover

Amanda teaches Vinyasa Flow classes at Complete Yoga, and believes that all yoga should be taught in a relaxed, safe and fun way. She offers a complementary mix of vinyasa flow with the precision of Iyengar for alignment – along with a contemplative, breath-centred practice.

In a supportive, compassionate environment each student is able to develop at their own pace, while Amanda’s integrated blend of all of her training creates a class suited for all levels.

This wealth of experience has given her the ability to adapt and tailor her teaching to a wide range of people with varied requirements and in different yoga environments.

One of her corporate students says: “Amanda’s yoga classes are some of the most beneficial I’ve ever taken. They’ve really helped me reduce my discomfort and relax the stresses – both physical and psychological – of a desk-based life.”

Amanda adds: “It’s so rewarding to see students transform their lives through the practice of yoga”.

Amanda’s Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hours RYT
  • 500 Hours RYT

Camille Kynoch

Camille discovered yoga almost 20 years ago. Her practice over the years has been her place to comeback to and refocus on the important things in life. When she had children, she trained to become a children’s yoga teacher and then went on to train mums with babies and teenagers.

Her classes are welcoming to all and fun. She guides people to use their breath to find both energy and calm and to stay grounded. Her biggest teachers are her lively three children who keep her present and playful.

Camille’s Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hours RYT
  • 50 Hours = Toddler Yoga with Yoga Bugs
  • 50 Hours Mummy and Me Yoga with Triyoga
  • 20 Hours Mindfulness for kids with Calm Kids
  • 20 Hours Advanced mindfulness for kids with Children’s Yoga Tree
  • 7 Hours Teen Yoga Calm Kids

Carola Chiarpenello

Carola teaches the Vinyasa Flow classes at Complete Yoga. As a teacher, Carola is interested in the Therapeutic side of the practice and its power to find balance and health.

After working for six years as a Growth Hacker in some of London’s fastest growing startups, Carola retrained as a power, vinyasa, yin and pranayama teacher. Her students have inspired her to deepen her studies and become a Yoga Therapist to guide them to heal and grow.

Carola has been teaching classes and workshops in various studios, luxury health member’s clubs and has extensive experience working with private clients in West London. She also teaches globally for InsightTimer. Carola’s teaching style has been majorly influenced by her Vipassana Meditation practice, always bringing students back to their sensations and breath; by her in-depth study of anatomy and physiology and inspired by Mark Stephens and Bernie Clarks.

Carola’s adds: “my classes are inclusive: I marry breath work, meditation, and postures to create 360* yogic experiences, guiding my students through inner journeys to learn more about themselves.”

Carola’s Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hours RYT
  • 85 Hours Advanced Anatomy and Yin Yoga with Cal Wansbrough
  • 20 Hours Injury Management and Prevention with Jason Crandell
  • 35 Hours Asana Academy with Mark Stephens
  • 20 hours Pranayama with Mark Stephens
  • 25 hours The Art of Free Movement with Shiva Rae
  • 500 Yours Yoga Therapy Diploma from Yoga Campus (in progress)

Carryn Smit

Carryn Smit teaches Vinyasa Flow classes at Complete Yoga.

She loves to guide people on their own personal yoga journeys and see the magic unfold in them as they learn to go deeper into their practice.

In particular she’s always looking for new and creative ways to engage her students and better cater to their individual needs.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Carryn first discovered yoga when she was 16 and has since developed a strong personal practice.

She went on to complete extensive yoga teacher trainings in India, Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa, and has spent time teaching yoga in the corporate world.

She’s been teaching Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga classes for almost 10 years.

Carryn is passionate about using yoga to help people achieve optimal heath and wellbeing.

With a degree in Psychology, Carryn also has a special interest in mental health and is currently undertaking a Yoga Therapy course. She loves how yoga enables people to deal with stress and difficult situations with greater ease.

Outside of her yoga teaching she loves cycling and hiking in the outdoors, and travelling.

Carryn’s Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hours RYT
  • 500 Yours Yoga Therapy Diploma from Yoga Campus- In Progress

Debbie Payne

Debbie teaches a Yin Yoga class at Complete Yoga.

Her teaching style is warm and supportive as she guides her students through a mindful practice that connects the mind, body and breath, while focussing on healthy intelligent alignment and balance.

Debbie started practicing yoga in 2005 to aid her recovery from a back injury and experienced the truly transformative and healing benefits that the practice offers.

She went on to complete a teaching diploma in 2010 and since then has trained in a range of yoga styles including Restorative, Yin and Pregnancy yoga.

She has been teaching vinyasa, hatha and gentle flow classes in London for almost 10 years.

In her classes, Debbie strives to create a friendly, safe and inclusive environment as she encourages her students to explore and deepen their awareness and journey into self-enquiry.

As Debbie says, “Ultimately, we would all like to be more present and at ease with ourselves, others and the world around us, as we navigate the ups and downs of day to day living”.

Outside of her yoga teaching, Debbie enjoys being in nature, dancing, skiing and travelling the world.

Debbie’s Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hours RYT
  • 500 Hours RYT

Emma Louise Geary

Emma Louise Geary is the instructor at our Flow and Relax classes at Complete Yoga.

Her classes are lighthearted and accessible and offer an opportunity to unwind and let go.

Emma has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. After giving birth to her daughter in 2018, she found that practicing yoga helped her to heal and build strength again.

She completed her extensive yoga teacher trainings in Los Angeles, USA in 2019 and has been teaching at yoga studios in London since then.

Emma believes in focussing on the more mindful aspects of the practice and is passionate about using yoga to help people heal and achieve optimum health.

Emma- Louise says ” My intention is to help you cultivate and carve out your own practice that suits your body, mind and needs”

Outside of her yoga teaching she loves spending time with her daughter, traveling and learning more about yoga.

Hanne Peeraer

Hanne teaches Vinyasa Flow at Complete Yoga. Her teaching focuses on how Yoga connects inner with outer world, and its capacity to instil a sense of joy, strength and connectedness.

Having discovered Yoga while in her first year at university, it was central to her physical and mental wellbeing: it became a pillar of support, a place of safety and self-discovery to continually return to. She has since obtained a degree in Fine Art from University of the Arts London, and is currently completing her MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art. After spending several years reading books, attending workshops and researching all things Yoga in her spare time as a source of artistic inspiration, she finally decided to train with the Power Yoga Company and is now teaching both group and private classes in London.

Hanne’s classes take inspiration from her artwork, which combines precision with fluidity. Her sequences are introspective and strong but adaptable and accessible to all, her cues being clear and personal. She places particular emphasis on body awareness, encouraging students to explore their own physicality and leave with a feeling of confidence, self-knowledge, and calm.

Hanne adds: “One of my most influential teachers is Jason Crandell, who talks about ‘letting the Yoga do the work’. I trust the practice and how effective it can be without needing to be complicated. My goal is to guide you through purposeful movement and help you develop awareness, to discover that you are your own best teacher!”

Hanne’s Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hours RYT
  • 500 Hours RYT

Luisa Zamboni

A former gym enthusiast, Luisa came to yoga 10 years ago to treat persistent lower back pain as well as crippling anxiety, during a tough time in her life. She fell in love with the yoga practice, which has made her stronger and healthier both physically and mentally.

She decided to train as a yoga teacher to share her passion and in the hope of helping others realise how powerful a tool yoga can be.

Luisa’s training in Power Yoga and Rocket Yoga allows her to create beautifully sequenced classes that are strong and flowy, with plenty of modifications for practitioners of all levels and abilities. She loves teaching beginners or people who may have not practiced in a while and may look to reconnect with the practice.

She aims to create an inclusive and loving environment where every single student feels safe and seen. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and will crack the odd joke, as she truly feels yoga should be a joyful experience.

Luisa says “Expect sweat, Sanskrit, core work, uplifting music, and inspiring readings.”

Maeva Wright

Maeva teaches Vinyasa Flow at Complete Yoga.

Inspired by her teachers, peers & the environment, she brings a sense of empowerment to her classes. Through intention, meditation, pranayama & asana, her goal is to help students connect with themselves, while the noise of the “outside world” fades away in the background. She teaches with the goal to encourage introspection and self discovery.

Maeva’s yoga journey began in London back in 2012 and ever since yoga has become her refuge and source of inspiration. She has embraced it as a lifestyle and not just as a “powerful” workout. Yoga helps her to let go of the day, navigate the “ups and downs” of daily life and get restful sleep at night.

As Maeva says, “My classes are for everyone, from newbies to experienced yogis. It’s perfectly ok if you can’t touch your toes, or arch backwards. In my classes you will learn to become more flexible, tune into your body and become fitter in the process. But most importantly you’ll feel relaxed and gain clarity. There is nothing that fulfils me more than seeing you taking your first steps towards your own yoga journey.”

Maeva’s Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hours RYT
  • 85 Hours Pregnacy and Post Natal Yoga with Sally Parkes
  • 40 Hours Yoga Nindra with Melanie Cooper and Jane Wadsten

Namrata Narula

Namrata teaches Beginner Yoga and Restorative yoga at our studio in Putney.

Her classes are a delicate mix of meditative, meaningful physical movements and asana with a clear focus on the breath and an inner awareness on the mind and body.

Born in India, Namrata was first introduced to yoga as a child by her mother, who was a teacher of yoga and Hindi. From there, Namrata became a lifelong student of yoga and Ayurveda.

She’s been teaching in yoga studios in India and Germany for seven years and has conducted several international workshops and retreats.

Namrata strives to impart an authentic experience of yoga as an art, science and philosophy, as well as a complete way of life for her students. She’s also currently preparing programmes to help women connect with their inherent wellbeing and wisdom through Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda.

Namrata says: “My approach to help you manifest health, happiness and joy is one of simple focus on the fundamentals of proper breathing, proper posture, simple meditation and finding balance in your lifestyle.”

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“Yoga is so much more than just physical exercise. It is, and has always been, a philosophy and a life skill that will lead you to a state of total wellbeing”

— Anushree Puri, Founder


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