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Our yoga teachers have trained all over the globe and experienced many different styles of yoga – both as dedicated students themselves and as skilled instructors. They bring their own personalities and rich international experiences to our classes, while also aligning with Complete Yoga’s philosophy of offering authentic, balanced and highly personalised instruction to achieve optimum wellbeing.

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Alex Nathanson

Alex teaches Vinyasa Flow and Yoga Late classes at Complete Yoga.

Alex has played competitive sport his whole life. He was introduced to yoga by his cousin whilst preparing for a swimming race in Italy. He was fascinated to discover a vigorous physical activity that didn’t involve competition and didn’t leave his body beaten up.

As he explored yoga in his local gym one teacher there helped him discover the power of synchronising breath and movement and how breath control (pranayama) could powerfully influence one’s mental state. This set him on a yoga journey exploring the myriad options available in London. Initially drawn to a dynamic Ashtanga based practice, he has subsequently come to see all forms of good Yoga as paths leading to the same goal: a happier, quieter mind.

Most physical culture embraces a mantra of seeking pain to achieve gain.  Yoga turns this mantra on its head and reveals the beauty of taking the instruction literally: no pain (ahimsa), no gain (aparigraha).

His classes are rooted in the Ashtanga practice of linking victorious breath to flowing movement. There will normally be music: an eclectic playlist that might go a little rogue. There will always be a strong emphasis on breathing mindfully, being in the moment, enjoying our ability to move (however much it may be that day) and when the time is right embracing the opportunity to surrender and be still.

Amanda Glover

Amanda teaches Vinyasa Flow and Yin classes at Complete Yoga and believes that all yoga should be taught in a relaxed, safe and fun way. She offers a complementary mix of vinyasa flow with the precision of Iyengar for alignment – along with a contemplative, breath-centred practice. Amanda’s Yin classes are deeply relaxing, helping you learn how to step out of the thinking mind and into the body, taking you on a meditative journey into each pose, using bolsters, bricks and blocks to allow everyone to access all the poses and let go of physical and mental tension.

In a supportive, compassionate environment each student is able to develop at their own pace, while Amanda’s integrated blend of all of her training creates classes suited for all levels.

This wealth of experience has given her the ability to adapt and tailor her teaching to a wide range of people with varied requirements and in different yoga environments.

One of her corporate students says: “Amanda’s yoga classes are some of the most beneficial I’ve ever taken. They’ve really helped me reduce my discomfort and relax the stresses – both physical and psychological – of a desk-based life.”

Amanda adds: “It’s so rewarding to see students transform their lives through the practice of yoga”.

Amanda’s Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hours RYT
  • 500 Hours RYT
  • 30 Hours Yin Yoga
  • 33 Hours Restorative Yoga

Camille Kynoch

Camille discovered yoga almost 20 years ago. Her practice over the years has been her place to comeback to and refocus on the important things in life. When she had children, she trained to become a children’s yoga teacher and then went on to train mums with babies and teenagers.

Her classes are welcoming to all and fun. She guides people to use their breath to find both energy and calm and to stay grounded. Her biggest teachers are her lively three children who keep her present and playful.

Camille’s Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hours RYT
  • 50 Hours = Toddler Yoga with Yoga Bugs
  • 50 Hours Mummy and Me Yoga with Triyoga
  • 20 Hours Mindfulness for kids with Calm Kids
  • 20 Hours Advanced mindfulness for kids with Children’s Yoga Tree
  • 7 Hours Teen Yoga Calm Kids

Carryn Smit

Carryn Smit teaches Vinyasa Flow classes at Complete Yoga.

She loves to guide people on their own personal yoga journeys and see the magic unfold in them as they learn to go deeper into their practice.

In particular she’s always looking for new and creative ways to engage her students and better cater to their individual needs.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Carryn first discovered yoga when she was 16 and has since developed a strong personal practice.

She went on to complete extensive yoga teacher trainings in India, Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa, and has spent time teaching yoga in the corporate world.

She’s been teaching Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga classes for almost 10 years.

Carryn is passionate about using yoga to help people achieve optimal heath and wellbeing.

With a degree in Psychology, Carryn also has a special interest in mental health and is currently undertaking a Yoga Therapy course. She loves how yoga enables people to deal with stress and difficult situations with greater ease.

Outside of her yoga teaching she loves cycling and hiking in the outdoors, and travelling.

Carryn’s Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hours RYT
  • 500 Yours Yoga Therapy Diploma from Yoga Campus- In Progress

Lauri Williams

Lauri is a doctor, medical writer and mama with a secret life as a yoga teacher. She teaches dynamic vinyasa flow, plus classes tailored for prenatal and postnatal parents. 

Lauri’s aim is to help students cultivate an awareness of mind, body and breath, and find a balance between strength and ease. Her classes are based on classic vinyasa flow sequences, with carefully-crafted combinations of asana to encourage students to challenge themselves, listen to their bodies and above all enjoy their practice. Her background lends her a strong anatomical focus, and a passion to make the benefits of yoga accessible to all.

Following further specialised training and her own personal practice, she is committed to creating empowering, nurturing classes for yogis through their pregnancy and postpartum journeys. She has a particular interest in pelvic health-informed teaching. 

Lauri’s Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hours RYT (Erin Prichard, Yogarise)
  • 50 Hours Pregnancy Yoga (Lulu Winfield, The Power Yoga Company)
  • 7 Hours Postnatal Yoga (Tara Lee and Clare Daniell, Yogarise)

Marie Paula Munoz

Maria teaches the Yin and Sound Healing class at Complete Yoga.

Maria’s Yoga Journey started more than 10 years ago after leaving her career in the financial world, to establish herself and live in Aurovalley Ashram, India , where she studied the Integral Yoga philosophy with the guidance of Swami Brahmdev.

She has trained with well known teachers in UK in various styles of yoga such as Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. She has also trained to become a sound healer and an Ayurveda consultant few years ago.

Maria’s yoga journey and teaching has evolved since she became a mother of 2 wonderful children. From a very active style of yoga she followed earlier, to a more nourishing and relaxing one.

She loves to inspire her students and take them to a quiet and balanced state of mind, free from tension and with a deeper connection to the Self. Her sessions are a mix of movement and stillness with the use of somatic movement, flow and Yin Yoga, where she uses all her tools and specially the breath, to release blockages from mind and body. Once that is achieved, she ends the session with a harmonious sound healing with the help of beautiful frequencies of Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums and much more!

Apart from her passion for Yoga, Maria is an intuitive artist, she loves painting and enjoys photography, and the way she best enjoys free time is by walking in nature, she lives by a forest which has became her second home.

Sarah Gero

Sarah has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and is forever a student of the practice. Through the healing powers of yoga, she aspires to help others reconnect with themselves and the world around them. In her classes, Sarah encourages her students to notice their bodies and recognise internal sensations as a way of integrating mind-body awareness into the present moment.

Following gallbladder removal surgery, Sarah became more dedicated to her yoga practice, using it a tool to heal and get stronger- physically and mentally. Through her teaching, she now aims to bring the healing powers of yoga to her students to support their wellbeing.

Her yoga classes are tailored to meet the needs of her students while providing an environment for practitioners to feel empowered. She believes each person’s practice is unique and invites her students to come exactly as they are and celebrate their own abilities. Through asana Sarah invites her students to cultivate balance and harmony on their mats, in their nervous systems, and in their lives.

Outside of her yoga teaching she loves cooking, spending time outside especially at the beach, and travelling.

Ying Wang

Ying teaches Vinyasa and Slow Flow class at Complete Yoga.

Whether it’s your first class or you practice yoga regularly, Ying always cultivates a safe space for everyone to find their own approach to the practice and connect to their inner selves. She believes in ” the only journey is the journey within “and what is learnt on the mat can be applied to life.

Over the past decade, she has developed her own approach, combining Western and Eastern, physical practices and philosophy. With a background in violin, dancing and fashion illustration as well as a passion for mental health and wellbeing, she’d like to lead her class by using her creative skills to stimulate senses through music, scents and flow to create the immersive experience that will leave everyone feeling refreshed and relaxed after the class.

Out of her yoga teaching, she enjoys dancing, Pilates and travelling.

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“Yoga is so much more than just physical exercise. It is, and has always been, a philosophy and a life skill that will lead you to a state of total wellbeing”

— Anushree Puri, Founder

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