Building balanced bodies and minds, from pure yoga foundations

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned yogi, you’ll find a Complete Yoga class that’s right for you. You can start at your own level, and our attentive instructors will guide you to where you need to go. If you like and need more personal attention, you’ll find it here. If you prefer to be left alone in your practice, we’ll give you the right amount of space. All our instructors are very experienced and are skilled at adapting their classes to your needs. They’ll bring their own unique personality to their classes, while always adhering to the core beliefs of Complete Yoga. You’ll also learn more about the life-enhancing benefits of all 8 limbs of yoga (as the postures represent just one limb). So your path to self-awareness has only just begun.

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Yoga Fundamentals

This foundational class teaches the essential building blocks of yoga. It’s designed for beginners, those who only practise occasionally, and those who’ve lapsed in their regular practice and are ready to re-engage. You’ll learn how to correctly use your breath, perform the essential asanas, and how the practice of yoga relates to the 8 Limbs.


Vinyasa Flow

Our vinyasa classes focus on teaching a sequence of yoga asana while properly integrating the breath. Our Dynamic Flow class is taught in the morning to energise you for the day. Our Gentle Flow class is taught in the evening to calm you at the end of a busy day.


Flow and Meditate

Meditation is the perfect companion to yoga, and its benefits are deep and far-reaching. Our easy-to-follow classes run at different times during the day. Use these dedicated periods of meditation to prepare for the day ahead, as a refreshing break from your daily activities, or to settle your tired mind before bed.


Flow and Restore

Our Flow and Restore class begins with a mindful flow practice followed by longer-held restorative postures and ends with a long and deep guided relaxation.This balanced practice of flow and restorative yoga, will both rejuvenate and restore you.


Flow and Relax

In this Flow and Relax class we teach you a gentle flow practice followed by simple yogic techniques such as body scanning and visualisation to help you achieve a complete state of relaxation. Forget about any and all distractions around you, and learn how to internally focus.



Yin Yoga

In this Yin Yoga class we teach you how to cultivate stillness by slow and sustained holds of poses, leading to a release of tension in the body and at a deeper level optimising the health of the fascia. You will learn how to focus on your breath and relax your mind as you get deeper into postures.

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About us

“The building blocks of yoga are the building blocks for a healthy, balanced life”

— Anushree Puri, Founder


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