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We believe that yoga is for everyone, and everyone should have the chance to experience a great class. Whether you’re a keen student or a stressed-out executive, a busy stay-at-home mum or a recent retiree – we know that if you let a little yoga into your life, you’ll begin to feel its expansive powers on a daily basis.

You’ll find our petite studio just a short flight of steps up from the bustling retail outlets of Putney. It’s a welcoming, light-filled space, with tall windows and a warm, natural wood floor.

So step in, take a few deep breaths, relax, stretch, rejuvenate, make new friends and share ideas.

We’re ultimately all on the same path of learning how to live a long, fulfilling and healthy life. Complete Yoga is the place where your journey can begin.

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“At Complete Yoga we give you space to breathe, and we teach you how to breathe – wholly, deeply and mindfully.
Being mindful of your breath will greatly elevate your yoga practice, your daily self care and your overall health.“

— Anushree Puri, Founder


Be Balanced

We teach the yoga concept of Sattva – the state of harmonious balance. With all the stresses of city life, our mind can often become agitated and overactive (known as rajas), or retreat and become stagnant (tamas). Our yoga teaching is designed to help you achieve that much-needed state of equilibrium in your physical body, your emotions and your life.

Be authentic

We’ve taken yoga back to its roots. It needs nothing added and nothing taken away. Our teachers have been chosen for their dedication and skills. All our classes, whether for beginners or more advanced yogis, are based around the simple and pure teachings of hatha yoga. In each class, you’ll learn a little about the philosophy of yoga too.

Be personal

Our students receive all the personal attention they need to help them improve. That’s why you won’t find large, cramped, impersonal classes. Our teachers need space to move around and adjust – and you need space to breathe. You’ll hopefully meet some new friends along the way, and grow together as part of a strong yoga community.

anushree puri founder of complete yoga

Anushree Puri


Anushree Puri is the founder of Complete Yoga Studio and a qualified yoga teacher.
Born in Delhi, India, she was naturally surrounded by yoga in her local community from a young age.

But it wasn’t until she got married, entered the busy world of banking and later found herself in a different country raising twins that she realised how much these practices helped her to manage the stresses of work and home life.

She has completed 500 hours of teachers training in a style of yoga that derives from the renowned teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, and is a passionate believer in yoga’s ability to heal the stresses in our body, mind and life.

Alexandra Taylor


Alexandra is our friendly and enthusiastic business manager and an experienced Yoga & Meditation Teacher with a background in Cognitive Therapy. 

Here at Complete Yoga, Alexandra works closely with our teachers to ensure that the studio runs as smoothly as possible. From the moment you walk through the door, Alexandra is there to make sure that you feel completely at home.

A Yoga teacher herself, Alexandra’s passion lies in sharing holistic approaches for positive health and wellness. Her hope is that every student at Complete Yoga should leave feeling fulfilled and restored, equipped with the tools to confront any challenge they may run into. 

Alexandra Taylor complete yoga business manager
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