Debbie teaches a Flow and Restore class at Complete Yoga.

Her teaching style is warm and supportive as she guides her students through a mindful practice that connects the mind, body and breath, while focussing on healthy intelligent alignment and balance.

Debbie started practicing yoga in 2005 to aid her recovery from a back injury and experienced the truly transformative and healing benefits that the practice offers.

She went on to complete a teaching diploma in 2010 and since then has trained in a range of yoga styles including Restorative, Yin and Pregnancy yoga.

She has been teaching vinyasa, hatha and gentle flow classes in London for almost 10 years.

In her classes, Debbie strives to create a friendly, safe and inclusive environment as she encourages her students to explore and deepen their awareness and journey into self-enquiry.

As Debbie says, “Ultimately, we would all like to be more present and at ease with ourselves, others and the world around us, as we navigate the ups and downs of day to day living”.

Outside of her yoga teaching, Debbie enjoys being in nature, dancing, skiing and travelling the world.