Vera teaches our Yoga Bloom classes at Complete Yoga. She’s a yoga teacher, childbirth educator and doula, with a wealth of experience in guiding mums-to-be on their pregnancy journey.

She believes antenatal yoga plays a vital role in ensuring women are fully nurtured and supported during this special time, while the practice of yoga can also have a positive effect on the development of the baby in utero.

Her classes offer an upbeat, nurturing and friendly atmosphere, with music, partner work and humour, ending with a deep relaxation to help women connect with their growing baby “in the womb”.

Vera started practising yoga in 1992 back in the former Soviet Union, and moved into teaching in 2004. She’s since completed numerous trainings, including with The British Wheel of Yoga, and the Birthlight Diploma in ante and postnatal yoga with Francoise Freedman.

Vera has extensive training in mindfulness and meditation and qualified as a doula with Dr Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers. She’s also a Hypnobirthing and Spinning Babies practitioner.

Vera has been birth companion to over 30 births to date, which is inspiring work that fills her with joy. She uses all this knowledge in a calm and practical way so that her students can make the best choices during pregnancy and labour.